Special funding opportunities

Major gifts make it possible for the Institute to make significant and strategic investments in our research programs.

There are times when individuals, corporations, or foundations come to the conclusion that a significant investment is necessary in order to advance a cause of topmost interest. Whether support for retinal transplantation research or optic nerve regeneration, there are numerous and immediate ways for donors and grantors to advance cutting edge research. For example, Schepens Eye Research Institute programs that investigate the ocular surface are searching for cures for dry eye syndrome and other diseases. Ongoing efforts to find the causes of macular degeneration and to develop innovative low vision and rehabilitation services are also areas in need of significant new resources to fulfill their mission.

The Institute has many innovative vision research and capital projects that present special support opportunities, including laboratory facilities and necessary core equipment. The recruitment of new scientific leadership is a topmost priority for Schepens Eye Research Institute. Endowed funding for principal investigators remains an important priority to assure that research programs proceed uninterrupted. Naming opportunities are available as well as named funds for specific purposes. 

If you would like additional information about opportunities for supporting programs at Schepens Eye Research Institute, please contact: 

Vancia Logan

Development Office
617- 573-4312
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