John Sutton Fund for Optic Nerve Regeneration

This past August, a film crew and reporter from Dateline NBC visited the Institute to complete a project that featuring the research of the Ocular Regeneration Center.

Focusing on a violent crime against Schepens Corporator John Sutton, the show illustrates his will to survive, his drive to return to work as a now totally blind litigator and his strong desire to promote the regenerative research here at Schepens. Mr. Sutton's story motivated NBC to expand to a 2 hour show in order to tell the entire story. The segment was broadcast on Octoer 15.

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 John Sutton’s mission is to turn his personal tragedy into something positive.  He wants the world to know that regenerative (stem cell) research targeting the regrowth of the optic nerve and retina is making great progress by our scientists here at the Schepens Eye Research Institute in Boston.  John’s hope is that everyone interested in this research will take an active role in financially supporting it to move this groundbreaking research more quickly from the lab to a clinical reality for patients.

Please help John in his mission to restore vision for those affected by optic nerve damage by supporting the John Sutton Fund  for Optic Nerve Regeneration.

The Nerve to See

Each year, millions worldwide suffer from diseases such as glaucoma and injuries such as head trauma that damage the optic nerve, leaving them with permanent vision loss and often total blindness. And each year that number is growing.

Essential to Vision

The optic nerve is essential to vision. It is the pathway responsible for transmitting light and color from the outside world, through the retina at the back of the eye, to the brain. The brain, in turn, interprets these impulses as images. Without this vital bundle of nerve cells, vision is impossible.

Until Now, Damage has been Permanent

Like all parts of the central nervous system, the optic nerve can continue to grow and regenerate before birth, but sometime after it is fully developed, it loses that ability. It stops growing and can no longer repair itself. Thus for those with optic nerve injury or advanced glaucoma, there has been no hope for treatment or cure. Their vision loss has been irreparable and permanent.

There is Hope!

Schepens Eye Research Institute scientists are exploring the optic nerve and what blocks its ability to repair itself. They are actively working on methods to regenerate this nerve and restore vision to the millions affected by optic nerve injury and disease.

Join us in our fight to restore vision All donations directly benefit our innovative work to regenerate the optic nerve.

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