Military Vision Research Program

Lasers. The Internet. Night Vision. Global Positioning. Artificial Limbs. Flu Shots. The fruits of Department of Defense (DoD) research are well known, but the Department’s aggressive culture of collaboration is less so. DoD supports a major research program focusing on protecting national security, contributing significantly to the economic infrastructure, and improving the quality of life of the nation. Working primarily on long-term goals leading to new or improved technologies, the DoD research program seeks out partners who can stimulate innovation and help open up fresh research areas. Through these partnerships it has developed an impressive track record for delivering revolutionary innovations.

In the 1990s, the Institute began its collaboration with the Department of Defense (DoD) to develop new ways to save the vision of soldiers injured on today’s battlefield and to push the frontier of vision technologies forward by creating the Military Vision Research Program.  To keep abreast of the needs of the military, the Institute holds two-day symposia biannually in which practicing military eye specialists discuss the challenges that they encounter in caring for men and women in uniform with Schepens scientists, who then design research programs to respond to their needs. The resulting research, on everything from laser damage to the retina and optic nerve regeneration to corneal bandages and enhanced displays, results in clinically targeted products with enormous potential for both military and civilian applications.