Honors and Distinctions

Schepens faculty have made outstanding contributions to their respective professional fields, campuses, communities and the public at large.

The Institute is proud to salute their hard work and ongoing dedication, and support their professional development.

Argüeso, Pablo, PhD

  • 1998-1999, Distinguished Collaborator University of Valladolid, Valladolid, Spain

  • 2003, Young Investigator Award Tear Film and Ocular Surface Society, 23rd Biennial Cornea Research Conference, Boston, USA

  • 2004, Young Investigator Award The International Society for Eye Research, The XVI International Congress of Eye Research, Sydney, Australia

Bowers, Alex R, PhD

  • 2008, FAAO Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry

  • 2009, The Alice J. Adler Fellowship of the Schepens Eye Research Institute (Harvard Medical School Eleanor and Miles Shore 50th Anniversary Fellowship Program for Scholars in Medicine)

  • 2010, Irvin and Beatrice Borish Outstanding Young Researcher Award, American Academy of Optometry

Chen, DongFeng, MD, PhD

  • 1999, Junior Faculty Award, Charles H. King Foundation

  • 2000, Lilly Center on Aging Fellowship through 50th Anniversary Program for Scholars in Medicine, Harvard Medical School

  • 2006, Sybil B. Harrington Scholar, Research to Prevent Blindness, New York, NY

  • 2008, Outstanding Scientific Achievement Award, the Vision Awards, RP International

Cho, Kin-Sang (Anson), Ph.D.

  • 1992-1994 Swire Scholarship 

  • 1993-1995 Wong Ching Yee Medical Postgraduate Scholarship

  • 1995 Asian Young Scientist Fellowship: IBRO World Congress of Neuroscience, Kyoto, Japan

  • 1997 Travel Award for the 27th Annual Meeting of Society for Neuroscience, New Orleans

  • 1998-1999 Postdoctoral Fellowship, The University of Hong Kong

  • 2005 Best Paper Award, Schepens Eye Research Institute, Harvard Medical School

D'Amore, Patricia A., PhD, MBA

  • 1972, Alvin T. Fuller Fellow, American Cancer Society

  • 1977, Lamport Award, The Microcirculatory Society

  • 1979, Meyers Honor Award for Research in Ophthalmology           

  • 1986-1991, American Heart Association Established Investigatorship

  • 1992-1996, Member, Cell Biology and Physiology Study Section II

  • 1993, Cogan Award, Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology,

  • 1994, Alcon Research Institute Award                       

  • 1998-2003,  Jules and Doris Stein Research to Prevent Blindness Professorship

  •  2004- present, Elected Member of The Academy at Harvard Medical School

  •  2005, Excellence Award, The Schepens Eye Research Institute

  •  2006, Senior Scientific Investigator Award, Research to Prevent Blindness

  •  2006, A. Clifford Barger Excellence in Mentoring Award, HMS

  • Gold Fellow, Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO)

  • Member, Biology and Diseases of the Posterior Eye Study Section, NIH, Center for Scientific Review

  • Vice Chair of Basic Research, Dept. Ophthalmology, Harvard Medical School 

  • 2010, 5th Annual Jeffrey M. Isner Endowed Memorial Lecture at ther Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences at Tufts University

  • 2012 ASIP Rous-Whipple Award, American Society for Investigative Pathology (ASIP)

  • 2012, 10th Annual Marc J. Mass Memorial Lecture, Dept. Molecular & Cellular Pathology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC

  • 2013, Everett Mendelsohn Excellence in Mentoring Award, HMS

  • 2013, Hans Vilbertn Lecture, University of Regensburg, “Role of VEGF in the Adult: Implications for Anti-VEGF Therapy, Regensburg, Bavaria (April) 

  • 2013, American Medical Association Women Physicians Sector Mentorship Award  
  • 2014, Chosen for Marcelle Jay Room Display Celebrating Women in Ophthalmology, University College London
  • 2014, Giuseppina d’Elia Memorial Seminar, Guest Speaker, “The Role of VEGF in the Adult: Implications for Anti-VEGF Therapies,” Boston University 
  • 2014, Endre A. Balazs Prize, International Society for Eye Research 
  • 2014, 6th Annual SUNY Eye Institute Annual Meeting, Keynote Address, Robert Barlow Lecture, “Growth Factors and Cell-Cell Interactions in Vessel Formation and Stability, Syracuse, NY 
  • 2014, Laureate, António Champalimaud Vision Award 
  • 2015, Proctor Medal, Association for Research & Vision Ophthalmology

Dana, Reza, MD, MPH, MSc

  • 1981, National Cum Laude Society

  • 1984, Alpha Epsilon Delta International Premedical Honor Society

  • 1984, Phi Beta Kappa (Junior Year), Johns Hopkins University

  • 1981-1985, Dean's List (every semester), Johns Hopkins University (GPA 3.96)

  • 1985, Diplomate of BA with General Honors, Johns Hopkins University

  • 1989, Henry Strong Dennison Award for Research, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

  • 1990, NEI/Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology Travel Fellowship

  • 1995, Heed Ophthalmic Foundation Fellowship (Ocular Immunology)

  • 1996, Named Fellow of the Society of Heed Fellows (Special RecognitionAward)

  • 1996, Clinical Scientist Career Award (NIH)

  • 1999, Invited Participant, Research to Prevent Blindness National Science Writers Seminar

  • 1999, Research to Prevent Blindness William & Mary Greve Scholar (RPB Special Scholar Award)

  • 2000, Second Decade (alumni honor) Society, Johns Hopkins University

  • 2002, Achievement Award, American Academy of Ophthalmology

  • 2002, Kronfeld Memorial Lecturer, Illinois Eye & Ear Infirmary

  • 2002, Fry Memorial Lecturer, Wills Eye Hospital Biennial CorneaConference

  • 2003, Cogan Award, Association for Research In Vision and Ophthalmology

  • 2003, Dohlman Lecturer, Biennial Cornea Conference, Harvard Dept. of Ophthalmology

  • 2003, Listed in “Guide to America’s Top Ophthalmologists”- Consumers’ Research Council of America

  • 2004, Alta Lecturer and visiting professorship, University of California in San Francisco (UCSF)

  • 2004, Keynote Speaker, 28th Japan Cornea Conference, Yonago, Japan

  • 2005, Research to Prevent Blindness Physician Scientist-Merit Award

  • 2006, Service Recognition Award, American Academy of Ophthalmology

  • 2007, American Board of Ophthalmology Certificate of Appreciation

  • 2007- present, Listed, “Best Doctors of America” (selected by peers)

  • 2007- present, Listed, “Best Ophthalmologists” (selected by peers), Boston Magazine

  • 2008,  Alcon Research Institute Award

  • 2009-2010, Research to Prevent Blindness Lew R. Wasserman-Merit Award

  • Research to Prevent Blindness Lew R. Wasserman-Merit Award

  • Bowman Lecturer, Bowman Club, Edinburgh

  • 2011 David Easty Lecturer, Bowman Club, Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh

  • 2011 Joaquin Barraquer Lecture, Spanish Congress of Ophthalmology, Oviedo, Spain

  • 2011 Best Scientific Poster Award, American Academy of Ophthalmology

  • 2012 Chancellor's Award in Neurosciences and Ophthalmology, Louisiana State University (LSU) Health Sciences Center School of Medicine at New Orleans

Dartt, Darlene A., PhD

  • 1978-1979, George G. Marshall Fellowship, Scandinavian-American Foundation

  • 1979-1981, Postdoctoral Fellowship, National Institutes of Health

  • 2001, Lew R. Wasserman Award, Research to Prevent Blindness

  • 2009, Gold Fellow Association for Research in Vision & Ophthalmology

  • 2009, Best Oral Presentation Third Military Refractive Surgery Meeting

  • 2010 Best Oral Presentation Third Military Refractive Surgery Meeting

Delori, Francois C., PhD

  • 1972-1973, E. B. Dunphy Fellowship (Mass. Lions Eye Research Fund)

  • 1994, Award of Merit in Retina Research from the Retina Research Foundation (Houston, Texas).

  • 2008, Roger H. Johnson Prize for Macular Degeneration Research. University of Washington. Seattle.

Gipson, Ilene, K., PhD

  • 1978-1983 Research Career Development Award, National Eye Institute

  • 1984, Alcon Research Award

  • 1987-1991, Institute Endowed Scholar, Schepens Eye Research Institute

  • 1990-2000, MERIT Award, National Eye Institute, NIH

  • 1997 - present, Ocular Surface Scholar, Schepens Eye Research Institute

  • 2001, Research to Prevent Blindness Senior Scientific Investigator Award

  • 2007, The Friedenwald Award, Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology

  • 2008, The Endre A. Balazs Prize, International Society for Eye Research

Gregory-Ksander, Meredith, PhD

  • 1999, The Alpha Sigma Nu Jesuit Honor Society, Loyola University Chicago

  • 2001, Keystone Symposia Travel Scholarship “Interfaces between Adaptive and Innate Immunity”

  • 2001, Research in Vision and Ophthalmology Travel Fellowship (American Uveitis Society)

  • 2001, Cora Verhagen Prize (2nd), Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO)

  • 2002, Huang Foundation Trainee Achievement Award, American Association of Immunologists

  • 2002, Harvard Biennial Research Retreat “Best Presentation Award”

  • 2004, The Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies (FOCIS) 2004 Travel Award

  • 2004 - 2006, National Institutes of Health Pediatric Loan Repayment Award “Eliminating ocular tumors by Fas ligand membrane vesicles – A novel immunotherapy”          

  • 2005, The American Association of Immunologists Junior Faculty Travel Award, Experimental Biology

  • 2005-2006, Alice J. Adler Fellowship, Harvard Scholars in Medicine Fellowship Program

  • 2006 - 2008, NIH Pediatric Loan Repayment Award (competitive renewal) “Eliminating ocular tumors by Fas ligand membrane vesicles – A novel immunotherapy”

  • 2009, Harvard Department of Ophthalmology Annual Meeting “Best Basic Science Presentation Award

  • 2009 – 2010, Sybil B. Harrington Special Scholar Award, Research to Prevent Blindness

Haider, Neena B., PhD

  • 2010, UNMC Distinguished Scientist/New Investigator Award

  • 2009, Hope For Vision

  • 2006, Hope For Vision

  • 2003, ARVO/ARVO Foundation/Retina Research Foundation/Joseph M. and Eula C. Travel Fellowship Grant,

  • 2002,Travel Award for Gordon Research Conference, Visual System Development,

Jakobs, Tatjana Claudia, MD

  • 1996, 1st von-Basedow Research Prize German Endocrine Society Cloning and Charactrization of the human 5’-deiodinase promoter and upstream regulatory elements

  • 1997-1999, Full Scholarship Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

Jurkunas, Ula V., MD

  • 1995, Phi Beta Kappa, Center College, Danville, KY

  • 1996-2000, James Dennis Riehm, MD Scholarship, University of Louisville School of Medicine, Louisville, KY

  • 1999, Alpha Omega Alpha, University of Louisville School of Medicine, Louisville, KY

  • 2004, Best Scientific Poster Award, New England Ophthalmological Society, Boston, MA

  • 2007, Best Abstract Award, The 25th Biennial Cornea Research Conference, Boston, MA

  • 2008, Ophthalmology Awardee of the Friends of Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary Award            Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Boston, MA

  • 2008, ARVO/Alcon Early Career Clinician-Scientist Award, Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology, Bethesda, MD

  • 2008, ISER Travel Fellowship, International Society for Eye Research, San Francisco, CA

  • 2008, The Norman Knight Leadership Development Award, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Boston, MA

  • 2009, Best Doctors in America, The Best Doctors in America 2009-2010

Ksander, Bruce, PhD

  • 1989, American Association of Immunologists travel fellowship.

  • 1990,  Sylvester Cancer Center Junior Faculty Research Award.

  • 2009, Association of Research in Vision and Ophthalmology Silver Fellow

Lorenzi, Mara, MD

  • 1972, Montecatini Prize for Therapy (Italy) for study of the mechanisms of action and clinical use of antiandrogens (Doctoral Thesis)

  • 1973-1975, Scholarship from the Department of Education, Italian Government, for specialization in Endocrinology

  • 1987-, Endowed position of Institute Scientist, Schepens Eye Research Institute

  • 1992-1995, Mentor-Based Postdoctoral Fellowship Award of the American Diabetes Association 1994, Mary Jane Kugel Award of the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation

  • 1996, Honor Lecture, 16th Congress of the Italian Diabetes Association

  • 2003, First recipient of the Alessandro Beretta-Anguissola Prize of the University of Rome “La Sapienza” for scientific merits in Internal Medicine

  • 2004-2006, Listed in Guide to America’s Top Physicians –Consumer Council of America

  • Inaugural recipient of the Golden Palm Prize, Bordighera, Italy for having honored the name of the hometown in the world

Masland, Richard H.

  • 1964, Woodrow Wilson Fellow

  • 1971, Junior Investigator of the King Trust

  • 1975, NIH Research Career Development Award

  • 1983, Hoopes Prize, Harvard University (Excellence in Teaching)

  • 1987, National Eye Institute MERIT award

  • 1993, RPB Senior Scientific Investigator Award

  • 1999, Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science

  • 2000, Irving M. London Award (Excellence in Teaching)

  • 2002, Brian Boycott Prize (Research on the Retina)

  • 2010, Fellow, Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology

  • 2010, Proctor Medal, ARVO

  • 2012, Alcon Foundation Research Award

Peli, Eli, OD, MSc

  • 1982, Corning Glass Works Foundation Scholarship, American Optometric Foundation

  • 1983, Daniel Kuperstein Memorial Award for excellence in optics, New England College of Optometry

  • 1983, Harold Kohn Memorial Award for Best Original Investigative Research, American Optometric Foundation

  • 1984, Fellow, American Academy of Optometry

  • 2000, The Stichting blindenpenning Lecture at the ECVP 2000 (the annual meeting of the European Conference on Visual Perception). Groningen, Holand

  •  2001, Keynote lecture at the Eurosight 2000, the European Low Vision conference           

  • 2001, The Glenn A Fry Lecture Award, American Academy of Optometry.

  • 2001, Fellow of the Optical Society of America: For exploring impaired vision with imaginative psychophysics and addressing findings with innovation and excellence in engineering.

  • 2002, Honorary Master in Medicine, Harvard Medical School.

  • 2003, SID Fellow Award (Society for Information Display): For outstanding contributions in the application of vision science to information display technology.

  • 2003, The Video “Hope in Sight” (for which E Peli was the senior consultant and co-investigator) has won the Telly Award.

  • 2003, Distinguished Career Award, New England College of Optometry’s Alumni Association

  • 2004, The Kok van Alphen (keynote) Lecture at the annual meeting of the Dutch Ophthalmologic Society. Amsterdam, Holland

  • 2004, Keynote lecture at the 13th International Annual Conference of the Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association, Boston, MA

  • 2004, Alfred W. Bressler Prize in Vision Science, The Jewish Guild for the Blind (shared with Robert Massof, PhD)

  • 2005, The Eliahu I. And Joyce Jury Award Lecture, Department of Electrical Engineering at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. Haifa, Israel.

  • 2005, Keynote Speaker, Assistive Technology Design Fair 2005, University of Massachusetts Lowell, Francis College of Engineering. Lowell, MA

  • 2005, Keynote Speaker, 1st IEEE Workshop on Computer Vision Applications for the Visually Impaired, San Diego, CA

  • 2005, Dr. William Feinbloom Distinguished Lecture in Low Vision, Envision New York, SUNY-College of Optometry. New York, NY

  • 2006, The H. Talmage Dobbs Lectureship in Ophthalmology, Emory Eye Center, Emory School of Medicine. Near-Peripheral Vision Reorganization in Macular Degeneration. Atlanta, GA

  • 2006, Honorary Doctor of Science degree, State University of New York, New York, NY

  • 2006, The Pisart Vision Award, Light house International, New York, NY

  • 2006, Keynote Speaker, 2nd International Symposium on Visual Computing (ISVC06), Lake Tahoe, Nevada

  • 2007, Fellow of the International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE)

  • 2007, Honorary Visiting Professor in the Department of Electronics, The University of York, York, United Kingdom

  • 2008, Keynote speaker Sixth Annual USC Vision Symposium, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA

  • 2009, Inaugural keynote speaker for the joint research symposium of the British College of Optometrists annual conference and British Universities Committee for Optometry annual conference, Brighton, UK

  • 2009, Alcon Research Institute Vision Award (shared with Robert Massof, PhD)

  • 2009, Poster by N.C. Ross, A.R. Bowers, E. Peli “Consideration of Optical Scotomas In Designing Visual Field Expansion Devices” was awarded the Envision-Atwell Award for the best low vision presentation at ARVO 2009 by a young investigator (Nicole Ross)

  • 2009, Keynote speaker at the Gjøvik Color Imaging Symposium, Gjøvik University College, Gjøvik, Norway

  • 2009, The William Feinbloom Award, American Academy of Optometry

  • 2010 , The Helmoltz Lecture, Helmhotz Institute, Utrecht Holland

  • 2010, The Otto Schade Prize,  The Society for information Display, (SID)

  • 2010, The 21st Bobier Award Lecture, School of Optometry, University of Waterloo, Waterloo Canada

  • 2010, Keynote speaker, Elite School of Optometry International Vision Science and Optometry Conference 2010, Chennai, India

  • 2010, Keynote  speaker, European Congress on Vision Impairment, Valladolid, Spain

  • 2010, The Edwin H Land Medal, Optical Society of America and the Society for Imaging Science and Technology

Saint-Geniez, Magali, PhD

  • 1998, French Association of Amblyopia (AFAU), Training Grant

  • 1999, Fouassier Eye Research Award from the Fondation de France, Research

  • 2001, Association for Cancer Research (ARC), Training Grant

  • 2004, Best Poster Presentation, Department of Ophthalmology Retreat, Harvard Medical School, Research

  • 2008, Schepens Fellow Group Leadership Award, Teaching

  • 2010, NIH Director’s New Innovator Award

  • 2010, Harvard Catalyst Award

Sullivan, David A., PhD

  • 1974, University of Minnesota Graduate School Scholarship

  • 1974-1977, Dartmouth College Graduate School Scholarships

  • 1997, Inductee, Matignon High School Achievement Hall of Fame, Cambridge, MA

  • 1997, Invited participant, Research to Prevent Blindness National Science Writers Seminar

  • 2007 - present, Margaret S. Sinon Scholar in Ocular Surface Research, Schepens Eye Research Institute

  • 2009, Best Paper of Ocular Surface Disease Session, Middle East and African Congress of Ophthalmology, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain

  • 2010, Lifetime Achievement Award, from the Governing Board of the Tear Film & Ocular Surface Society (TFOS)

  • 2011, Carel C. Koch Memorial Medal Award, American Academy of Optometry

  • 2013, Silver Fellow Honor, ARVO Class of 2013

  • 2013, Honorary Member, French Society of Ophthalmology 

Vandenberghe, Luk H., PhD

  • Laureate of the Belgian Biology Olympiad, Diepenbeek, Leuven, Belgium 1994

  • Participant International Biology Olympiad, Varna, Bulgaria 1994

  • Travel Grant,  European Society of Gene Therapy ESGT 2005

  • American Society of Gene Therapy (ASGT) 2006, 2007

  • Late Breaking Abstract 2006 Annual meeting of the American Society of Gene Therapy (ASGT)

  • 1st Prize Basic Science Session, 2011, Sylvan M. Cohen Annual Retreat, Institute on Aging, University of Pennsylvania

Woods, Russell L., PhD

  • 2002, Harvard Medical School 50th Anniversary Scholars in Medicine, Alice J. Adler Fellowship

  • American Academy of Optometry Travel Fellowship.

  • Keynote address at the Annual Meeting of the American Optometric Association Contact Lens Section.

  • Pilkington Research Scholarship (supported postgraduate research program at The City University for 31/2 years).

Zieske, James D., PhD

  • 1972 - 1976, Rockford College Scholarships

  • 1983 - 1984, Individual National Research Service Award 

  • 2009, ARVO - Gold Fellow