Why support eye research

Setting new sights

Picture Monet’s haystacks, their blur of colors, their increasing darkness at day’s end. Imagine if this was the only way you saw the world, blurred and out of focus.  

Then squint, close your eyes, and experience what it’s like to perceive the world in partial, then total, darkness.

Limited vision or total blindness is a reality for 1 out of every 28 Americans over the age of 40.

At Schepens Eye Research Institute, our goal is to reverse what is now irreversible, and prevent what has been unpreventable. Unfortunately, right now there are treatments but no cures for most eye diseases. Our research strives to change that—and has already led to new drugs, technologies and knowledge. With faculty appointments at Harvard Medical School and access to its intellectual resources, Schepens Eye Research Institute scientists are the best in their field.

By age 75, 1 out of 4 of us have experienced significant vision loss.

Our motivation? Premature infants whose retinopathy leads to a life of blindness. Soldiers in battle or the children at home who suffer eye injuries. Adults who struggle with diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration and glaucoma—and gradually lose their independence. As baby boomers age in the coming decade, we face an epidemic of blindness. The needs are pressing. We are moving as quickly as possible to illuminate the causes and mechanisms of eye diseases—and to discover and make available new, innovative treatments and cures.

14 million Americans have visual impairments significant enough to limit their enjoyment of everyday activities.

We are seeking partners in this journey of discovery. We have the highest level of NIH funding of any independent eye research institute, but federal funding for all academic research has leveled off. Current funding allows us to apply over $25 million to our research, but the costs of advancing our work will only increase.

With your support, we can help people with eye diseases today—and keep others from getting them tomorrow.

Charitable donations make it possible for us to launch new and highly promising research initiatives, to sustain current productive research programs, to recruit new scientists, to grow the endowment for the future, and to support the fundamental needs of a vibrant biomedical research organization. The generosity of donors like you can accelerate the pace at which our scientists can make sight-saving discoveries and bring them to the people who need them most.

Schepens Eye Research Institute is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization and most gifts qualify for a charitable tax deduction. Charitable giving opportunities include cash, securities, pension assets, business interests, and tangible personal property.

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