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Since the 1960’s, the Biennial Cornea Conference has explored current basic and translational research developments of the cornea and anterior ocular surface, promoting interaction and discussion among leaders in the field of Cornea.

The Cornea Conference, hosted by Schepens Eye Research Institute, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Harvard Medical School, is one of the leading conferences of its type in the world. This premier anterior segment eye research conference leads to new insights into the pathogenesis and therapy of disease of the ocular surface by exploring current clinical and laboratory research devoted to the cornea, and to build links between this exciting new information and the numerous disease entities that afflict this portion of the eye.

Preview of 2013 Program Sessions:

Epithelial Biology and Ocular Surface
Microbiology and Innate Immunity
Adaptive Immunity
New and Emerging Technologies
Pain and Neurogenic Inflammation
Regenerative Medicine and Transplantation